Curriculum Vitae


Software Developer, Surve Mobility

Surve was a service provider for fleet owners like Voi, Sixt and Share Now. Our drivers performed tasks like charging electric vehicles, swapping batteries, cleanings, relocations and much more.

We built software for task distribution, vehicle access and fleet monitoring with a fair amount of automation. I was responsible for the tour planning algorithm, which managed the assignment of thousands of tasks to our drivers. The wide variety of tasks and the volatility of e.g. vehicles, drivers and charging stations made this a challenging yet fascinating endeavour.

Working at Surve taught me how to collaboratively build reliable software in an unsteady startup environment.

Technologies: Rust, JS/TypeScript, React (Native), Postgres, Docker, Terraform, AWS, Grafana


Freelance Software Developer

For the most part I built SPAs using React and Golang for medium-sized companies. They served my customers as a tool for data collection and process automation. For example: An accounting office needed several days to compile application documents for dozens of countries in different languages for its globally active customers. A solution connected to their CRM has significantly reduced the time it takes them to produce the stack of documents.

Aside from coding, freelance work has improved my communication and time management skills. It was a demanding but rewarding experience that built resilience.

Technologies: Golang, JS/TypeScript, React, Postgres, Docker, Terraform, AWS, Hugo, PHP


Studies: Technology Management & Marketing

It included some courses that sparked my interest in programming and determined my further career. After the undergraduate courses, it didn’t offer me much beyond that and I quit.

Technologies: C, Java, Matlab

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